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Jet Gifts Teammates Rare Whiskey



    Jet Gifts Teammates Rare Whiskey
    Crown Royal

    Jason "the Jet" Terry, who is not royalty and has never been so pretentious as to claim himself a King, has gifted to his teammates a fifth of rare whisky worthy of regal lips.

    Well, or so Crown Royal would have you believe about their XR (extra rare) blend that is made from the last remaining batch of whisky distilled at the Waterloo distillery.  (Forgive me, I'm not sure of the importance and am not looking it up.)

    That fact may make this whiskey The Chosen One among Crown fans, but it also makes it expensive. Now, it's not $80,000 a bottle expensive, Mr. Cuban, but a fifth of the stuff will run about $100. Or, about $70 more than the average bottle of Crown.

    The personalized monogrammed bags that Jet added for his teammates make the whisky, and the bag to keep it in, invaluable.  The one to Dirk, pictured, says "Dirk, Here's to winning the Crown jewel! - The Jet #31." Underneath that it says "World Champions, June 12,2011" - it's worth noting the Mavs are NBA Champs, not World Champs.  There is a World Basketball Championship, but I digress.

    “I’ve had many significant moments worth celebrating throughout my career, but after 12 seasons of professional basketball, I know how truly special and rare winning a title is,” said Terry.  “So, I thought giving all the guys a custom made bag for their Crown Royal XR would be a fun way to honor the moment and give them something smooth to sip on as they enjoy this amazing feeling.”

    It's a great product pitch, but an even better gesture by a player who has continued to grow and excel at his game while further boosting his appeal on and the court.

    Well done Jet, and congrats on the title of champion.  It's one that is well earned and not self-aggrandizing.

    Cheers to the real three kings: Dirk, Kidd and Jet.