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Reports: Jerry Jones Set to Testify as He, Roger Goodell Spar Over Legal Fees

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is battling with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell about whether he should have to cover the legal fees the NFL paid during the Ezekiel Elliott saga. He plans to testify Tuesday.

(Published Monday, March 5, 2018)

It's quickly becoming a rivlary on par with Cowboys / Eagles -- Jerry Jones versus NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

And the two will square off again Monday as they spar over who should pay for the legal fees the league accrued during the Ezekiel Elliott suspension saga.

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The NFL is reportedly trying to recoup $2 million in legal fees from Jones, accusing the Cowboys owner of conduct detrimental to the league.

Jones told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that he would testify in front of Goodell Monday, as he appeals that decision.

It's no secret he was upset with how Goodell and the NFL handled Elliott's suspension last season -- which happened to coincide with the NFL owners discussing a contract extension for the commissioner.

Jones hired an attorney and threatened to sue to block Goodell's contract extension from being approved -- though he ultimately backed down.

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The NFL is pointing to a long-standing rule that states team owners must reimburse the league's legal fees if they take legal action against another owner.

Jones told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram he looks forward to giving his testimony.

The latest episode in the feud comes just weeks before the Dallas Cowboys will welcome Goodell and the rest of the NFL to AT&T Stadium for the 2018 NFL Draft.