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High School Sports Get Dirtier

Playoff soccer match marred by cheap shot



    High School Sports Get Dirtier

    by Bruce Felps

    Well then, it looks like the high school sportsmanship scales weighing the good and bad behavior just tipped back in favor of the latter.

    A Dallas Morning News high school sports blogger earlier today posted an item that included a 26-second clip of the Class 5A bi-district soccer playoff match between Mansfield Legacy, dark uniforms, and Irving High, in the whites. See the clip here

    Mansfield won the penalty-marred match — about 12 yellow cards issued — 2-1, but the clip doesn’t show the final scored flashed on the board.

    It shows a Mansfield striker on a breakaway headed toward the Irving goal. The keeper decided to meet the attacker and moved out on his angle … way out on his angle.

    He met the Mansfield sticker at about 30 yards in front of the net. Rather than going for the ball, the goalkeeper went for the man, hard.

    Leading with his elbows and forearms, the Irving keeper leveled the Mansfield striker with a hit to what looked like the upper chest and jaw. I do not know soccer rules much at all but that has got to be illegal, right? Please say yes.

    Dads, coaches, get your boys under control. League officials, set examples. This crap is getting way outta hand and so far beyond unacceptable you can't even see acceptable from here.

    Bruce Felps owns and operatesEast Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. He thinks that if you have to cheat to win you shouldn’t even play the game.