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High School Hockey Title Game Turns Ugly

Blindside hits corrode game, sport



    WARNING: Above video contains profanity.

    by Bruce Felps

    Hockey is a great sport. It encompasses grace, strength, endurance, skill, strategy, and, yes, force.

    When played properly, sportsmanly, it’s a thing of beauty. When played by the likes of Todd Bertuzzi and Sean Avery it becomes a sewer.

    Warning: Profanity: High School Hockey Players Brawl

    [DFW] Warning: Profanity: High School Hockey Players Brawl
    Parent Tiffany Williams provided NBC DFW with video of the brawl at the Texas State Championship.
    (Published Wednesday, March 30, 2011)

    Some North Texas high school players must have chosen the wrong role models after whom to pattern their games as evidenced by this past weekend’s Texas State Championship matchup between Arlington Martin High and Keller High schools.

    Keller won 9-3, but who cares? In the game’s waning minutes it ceased to be hockey and became a street gang brawl on ice. The cheap shots in the clip (which has been removed by the user) are stunning in their viciousness, callousness, and cowardice.  You can watch another angle here, though you'll need to lay on your side to watch it.

    The referee at the 1:20 mark, who skates away from two players preparing to engage, simply suspends belief.

    Players from both teams are guilty of amazing cheap shots. The opening segment shows a Martin player running someone along the boards, then that same Martin player — blindsided by No. 3 in white, Keller — suffered what has been reported as a grade 3 concussion after a retaliatory hit.

    Dear God, that is not what hockey, or any sport, is about. These boys should sit.

    Bruce Felps owns and operatesEast Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. He’s just sitting, shaking his head, dumbfounded.