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Heat Wave Doesn't Stop Football Practice

Summer workouts begin at high schools across NT



    Heat Wave Doesn't Stop Football Practice
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    Two-a-days begin today.

    It's August in Texas and players at Dallas' Carter High School know the drill.

    "We have to come out here and work in the heat, get used to it, so you won't come out here in the heat and be out of shape," said senior running back Dominique Canninds.

    Even with the triple-digit heatwave, there is no taking it easy. However, coaches admit they walk a fine line between pushing athletes to work hard and pushing them beyond their limits.

    "That's a tricky deal," said head coach Allen Wilson. "That's something that you gotta bounce around, but as coaches, you gotta err on the side of safety."

    H.S. Football Practice in the Heat

    [DFW] H.S. Football Practice in the Heat
    Two-a-days started at many North Texas schools, and coaches and trainers are trying to make sure athletes stay safe.
    (Published Monday, Aug. 2, 2010)

    In 2004, senior Eric Brown was taken to the hospital after his first day of summer workouts at Carter.  He died a short time later. The medical examiner later ruled it was from the heat.

    While Brown's death was a reality check for the coaching staff, they insist the same safety procedures were in place six years ago.
    "Everybody assumes because you have something happen, that you change everything that you do," said Wilson.

    Players are provided with water at every training station and they are reminded daily about ways to take care of themselves before hitting the field.

    "The main thing is you can't wait until workout to get hydrated," said Wilson.

    "We talk to them about, they gotta drink plenty of water prior to getting on the field. They must get up and eat breakfast before they come to workout," said Wilson.

    Wilson said players who show signs of distress are "Shut down" and sent to a cooling tent with shade and misting fans where ice cold water is sponged over their heads.