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Fort Worth Man Coached The Mannings

Frank Gendusa coached Eli and Peyton in High School



    Fort Worth Man Coached The Mannings

    Spoken with fatherly pride, Frank Gendusa's love for Peyton and Eli Manning spans both athletes' lives. Gendusa, now living in Fort Worth, taught and coached The Mannings at Newman High School in New Orleans.

    "You could go through your whole career and never ever have a player of that caliber I was very fortunate to have two who were brothers," Gendusa said.

    He said The Mannings are fundamentally identical: same size, same ability, same competitiveness.  "The only thing that I saw different was their personalities, fiery, serious in Peyton, and laid back and easy going as Eli."

    Each player has cut a niche in Gendusa's heart, not for play on the field, but for everything else they represent public-ally.

    "They care about each other they care about their fans they care about their family," Gendusa said.

    We had to get a Superbowl prediction from Coach Gendusa and of course he's going with the Giants over the Patriots... In fact, he says New York will win by 10 as in #10.