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Female Kicker Scores Winning Point for Godley High School

First girl to play on Johnson County school's football team



    Godley High School's Female Kicker

    Rachel Evans is getting a lot of recognition after kicking the winning extra point in Godley's football game Friday night. (Published Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2012)

    Rachael Evans, the first girl to play for Godley's football team, kicked the winning extra point in her debut as a kicker.

    The highlight of Friday night's game between Godley and Ferris came in the third quarter.

    "I took my step, I backed up, and I said, 'I can do anything,'" Evans said. "Then I went for it, and I made it. It was just awesome."

    Her father, Sam, recorded it on his cellphone.

    "The snap was on, the holder was perfect, the kick -- you couldn't have asked for anything better than that," he said.

    "I know that sometimes it can come down to that extra point, and I don't to let my boys down because I can't do my job," Rachael Evans said.

    Evans, a junior, is an active athlete, also playing basketball, soccer and running track.

    The team's head coach, Randy Brawner, realizes her talent.

    "She gives us the best chance to kick extra points," he said. "Right now, she's the best one we've got on the team."

    Evans said she wants to make a difference and inspire other girls.

    "I can show these people who never thought girls could play football that I'm playing football," she said. "All these little girls who boys tell them, 'Hey, you can't play football,' they can be, 'Hey, look at that girl. I can do anything.'"

    Evans plans to continue kicking goals in the future as a soccer player in college.