Elvis Andrus Channels Clark Griswold in Rangers' Holiday Card

Shortstop Elvis Andrus in the team's 2017 holiday card. Texas Rangers Baseball Club

Shortstop Elvis Andrus is the key figure in the Texas Rangers 2017 holiday card -- and he's got a little Griswold in him.

The video card, an homage to the 1989 film Christmas Vacation, was published this week on the team's fan page.

The card begins with several shots of someone stringing up lights around Globe Life Park. The decorator is eventually revealed be Andrus, who then assembles a collection of onlookers to witness his grand illumination.

"Five hundred thousand lights, one magic moment," Andrus says in the video, before flipping a switch.


True to Christmas Vacation, the lighting doesn't go off without a hitch.

While Andrus fumbles with his mess of wires, Rangers Captain shows up in an odd hairdryer scene. Somehow unplugging his appliance closes Andrus' circuit allowing the ballpark to be bathed in the glorious light of incandescent C9 bulbs.

It's cute. See the card for yourself here on the team's fan page.

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