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ESPN Selling Wisconsin Rose Bowl Champion Shirt



    ESPN Selling Wisconsin Rose Bowl Champion Shirt

    At's Rose Bowl Gear shop, there is plenty of bowl-game merchandise for the TCU Horned Frogs -- but there is only one champion T-shirt available and that is for the Wisconsin Badgers -- the Frogs opponent on New Year's Day.

    That's right, the game hasn't even been played yet and ESPN is selling championship shirts where the Badgers are the victor.

    It's common for T-shirt companies to print versions of shirts where both teams win, with the winners shirts going up for sale and the losers shirts often shipped of to a third-world nation in need of clothing. With that in mind, we're sure it's an oversight that the product was put up for sale prior to the game, but it's kind of a funny one.

    Frogs head coach Gary Patterson thought it was funny enough that he put up a link to it on his Facebook page.  Funny or not, it should get plenty of Frogs fans stirring.

    Let's hope a lot of people buy one and the Frogs force ESPN to issue A LOT of refunds.

    Wisconsin and TCU face off in the granddaddy of them all on Jan. 1.

    Oh, want a shirt -- get your's here before they take them down.