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ESPN Poll Has Tide Rolling Over Horns

68 percent of ESPN readers polled think Alabama will beat Texas



    ESPN Poll Has Tide Rolling Over Horns
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    Texas, all alone in thinking the Longhorns can topple the Tide.

    Who, oh, who will win tonight's National Championship game between Texas and Alabama at the Rose Bowl?

    This indeed seems to be the hot topic at the moment, the question on everyone's mind. Chicken wings are being basted in heartburn-inducing spices; beer is being iced; Hooters girls are applying an ancillary layer of glitter to the twins, all in anticipation of Texas-Alabama, the game to end all games (for a year), to answer all questions.

    Then again, perhaps not; as it turns out, this -- the greatest question in college football -- is not much of a question at all.

    In a recent poll on, readers from all 50 states voted on who they thought would win tonight's BCS National Championship Game. According to the poll, the Longhorns have roughly a snowball's chance in hell to beat Alabama this evening in Southern California.

    Texas is the only state to vote collectively in the favor of the Longhorns, with 64 percent of the Lone Star vote.

    The rest of the union voted Alabama, mostly by a landslide, painting a sad picture with a solitary blue state sitting among a sea of red.

    The state of Alabama itself has the Tide rolling to the tune of 89 percent of the popular vote; the Crimson were favored 68 percent to 32 percent overall. Bevo is indignant--or, at least, as indignant as an emotionless animal can be.

    Outside of the state of Texas, the closest thing the Longhorns got to a vote of confidence was the Kansas poll. Of course, the Kansans have Texas losing as well, but only at a 57 percent to 43 percent clip, which, at this point, is close enough.