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Do You Know the Mavs Belt Guy?



    Meet the Man with the Mavs Belt

    Dallas Mavericks fans took pictures with the man with the Mavs championship belt in Miami before Game 6. (Published Sunday, June 12, 2011)

    A lot of Dallas Mavericks fans headed to Miami for Game 6 of the NBA Finals, showing both their devotion and loyalty. One fan, though, has gone above and beyond during the Finals by finding a creative way to show his team spirit.

    "The second I sat down in my seat, I'm on the jumbo-tron and then everybody knows me as the Mavs Belt Guy," said Rami Rassas.

    Just hours before Game 6 at the American Airlines Arena and Rassas is taking pictures with Mavs fans. The fans know him not by name, but by the belt he carries.

    "I call it 'The Belt'. You know, I capitalize it whenever I'm talking about it so its kind of developed its own aura," said Rassas. "Its like the belt and me, not me and the belt."

    The idea for the Mavs belt came to Rassas just before the Western Conference finals.

    "I found this magnet that's pretty big. I cut it out, put it in the belt, got it engraved, and I figured what better way to support my team's run to a championship then with a championship belt," said Rassas.

    Weighing about 7 pounds and costing Rassas nearly $700, the belt has now taken on a life of its own, appearing in photos right along side Jason Kidd, J.J. Barrea and countless fans. As strange as it seems, even Miami Heat fans wanted a picture with it.

    "I even had one guy who, he actually wished me good luck," said Rassas. "I guess, you know, he was rooting for the belt."

    For Mavs fans, the belt has been good luck so far and if the team can pull out a win in Game 6, Rassas hopes his token of team spirit can share the spotlight and celebrate a huge win years in the making.

    "It might get on the court, but I might not," said Rassas. "I don't know, the belt might have a late night on South Beach."

    Rassas even has a Facebook fan page entitled Mavs Belt Guy. He says if the Mavs win the series, he will give a replica of the belt to one of his Facebook fans.