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Beef Bowl: Badgers, Frogs Bring Appetites

Wisconsin and Texas Christian dig in at the 55th Beef Bowl



    Beef Bowl: Badgers, Frogs Bring Appetites

    Two college football teams and a lot of beef -- that's the Beef Bowl.

    On Monday night, the Texas Christian University football team participated in the annual tradition at Lawry's The Prime Rib in Beverly Hills. On Tuesday night, it was Wisconsin's turn.

    The two teams meet Jan. 1 in the Rose Bowl.

    The Beef Bowl was conceived in 1956 by Richard N. Frank, shortly after he became Lawry's president.

    "We had no idea that it would ever turn out to be the kind of event it  is now," said Frank, now the company's chairman.

    It's not about which team eats the most. Giving 300-plus pound lineman carte blanche with beef -- bad idea.

    Lawry's tried to keep track of which team ate the most back in the 1960s  after a public relations firm had initiated a prime rib eating contest that  quantified each team's appetites at their respective events. That got out of hand and turned into more of a feeding frenzy.