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Cullen Jenkins' Father Located in Hawaii

Packers' defensive end Cullen Jenkins told reporters Tuesday that he hadn't heard from his father since shortly after Christmas



    Cullen Jenkins' Father Located in Hawaii

    Jenkins told reporters at media day at Cowboys Stadium Tuesday that his father had gone to Hawaii, where he keeps a residence, shortly after Christmas, and that the family hadn’t heard from him since. The story went viral to some degree in the days following, and the avalanche of publicity and inquiries surrounding it  prompted the Honolulu Police Department to conduct a “welfare check” on Darome Jenkins.

    Police told the Associated Press that Jenkins' father had been located and was doing well. Cullen’s brother, Kris Jenkins of the New York Jets, told the Associated Press in an email Thursday that his father had contacted Cullen Thursday after seeing a few of the reports.

    "Our family has endured some very hard times,” Kris Jenkins said in the email, “but we are strong and we will find a way to get through this as well.”

    Meanwhile, Cullen and the Packers are in the final stages of preparation for the Sunday’s Super Bowl showdown with the Pittsburgh Steelers in Arlington. Cullen said that he planned on leaving a ticket for his father either at will call or with another family member, but there’s been no word if Darome Jenkins plans on attending.

    Of course, due to the highly personal manner of the story, Cullen opted against elaborating much during media day, but did recall a conversation he had with his father by text message last December.

    "It wasn't an incident, but there was a discussion, and it wasn't a bad discussion by any means," Jenkins said. "He was talking a little bit about how he was feeling about certain things in the family, and maybe feeling a little left out and things like that. That's what makes this so difficult, you know, because you just don't know."

    Jenkins said that, as of Tuesday, that was the last he had heard from his father, who raised he and Kris as a single father in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

    "I tried to contact him again," Cullen said, "and his phone was off."