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Cuban Not Worried About Public Perception

Dallas billionaire writes about Mavs, business and private planes



    Cuban Not Worried About Public Perception
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    Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban

    Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said turning the team into a winner comes from having great players and putting them in a position to succeed.

    In a wide-ranging interview with Business Jet Traveler Online, the Dallas billionaire talked his team, his souped-up airplanes and his business philosophy.

    When asked about the Mavericks success, Cuban responded by saying, " Having great players and doing my best to put them in a position to succeed has been the strategy from the beginning. All the big decisions about the team go through me. I attend every game, and usually I fly with the team. There's no reason to spend the extra money to fly on my airplane. Plus, it gives me a chance to talk to the players and the coaching staff. "

    Cuban owns three airplanes, a 767, Gulfstream V, and a Boeing 757.

    The 757 is the plane the Mavericks take on road trips. The plane has a weight room, over sized seats and a room for trainers to get players treatment. When asked about the plane, Cuban said, "When you are on the road as much as an NBA team has to be, the ability to be comfortable, get rest and have enough room for basic treatment of physical problems gives us a competitive advantage. I came up with the strategic vision for the airplane, but not the details. I said I wanted room for players taller than seven feet, plus special setups for meetings, coaching resources and video and connectivity resources. Now, I can't say exactly how we outfitted our Boeing 757 to make it so special. That's a trade secret. We don't want other teams to find out. But it's nice!"

    Reporter Stephen Pope asked Cuban if players appreciate the extras, like personal entertainment systems in their lockers and he  said, "Yes. They know how much better it is playing for the Mavericks than for other teams. The players we have acquired from other teams tell me we do the best job in the league."

    When asked about what drives him in business, Cuban said, " I love to compete. And I love to win. To me, business is the ultimate sport. It's you against everyone 24/7. What could be more fun than that?"

    Cuban makes no apologies for owning his own planes when some business owners are being pressured to travel with the masses. "They have to make their own decisions, but I just hope I compete with them. I get to work while they get to stand in line at the airport," Cuban said.

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