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Cuban Gets Big

Mavs owner makes cameo in rap video



    Cuban Gets Big
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    Mark Cuban

    Mark Cuban knows a thing or two about making money.

    That might be the reason he appears in a new music video, “Get Big,” by Dallas rapper Dorrough. Than again, maybe Cuban put up the money to produce the video and that was part of the deal.

    The song, best I can tell, is all about making money. Then again, maybe not. But in a scene straight out of central casting, Cuban steps out of an armored truck — license plate Vault XXL … anybody? — walks over to Dorrough out front of American Airlines Center, shakes his hand, hugs him — a right-shoulder-to-right-shoulder man hug — and ambles off.

    I laughed, I cried, it changed my life.

    The song’s pretty catchy, the backgrounds — pretty much all Dallas — are fun to watch, kinda like an episode of “The Good Guys,” and oops, wrong network, and the production is pretty tight — so good beat, you can dance to it, I’d give it an 8.25.

    Cuban later makes another appearance, this one framed by the AAC, also known as “Mark’s Guestroom,” in a Mavs T-shirt, and OK, got it, you own the team.

    His screen-presence is good enough, but it’s probably a better thing Mark Cuban knows a thing or two about making money.
    He probably doesn’t have much of a future in entertainment.

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