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Can Stan Lee's Dallas Star Save Us?



    Can Stan Lee's Dallas Star Save Us?

    Fair warning, your friendly neighborhood web editor is a pretty big comic geek. So it's pretty interesting to see the reveal of The Star, a character created by the legendary Stan Lee, as a super-powered representitive of our local hockey franchise.

    As part of an iniative with the NHL, Stan "The Man" Lee would create a super hero for each team in the league as part of something entitled "The Guardian Project." The iniative will take the newly-created heroes and pit them against some enemy during the NHL All-Star game.

    Flash forward to today, where we saw the first shots (and video) of Lee's creation for Dallas.

    So what is "The Star?" As described by his illustrated mini-bio, he's "a celestial enforcer of the Texas plains." But as described by both a comic and hockey fan, he's just lame.

    Seriously, the character has all the panache of an awful '90s-styled villian mixed with the power set an 11-year-old would come up with. Travels on solar winds? Emits a Solar Storm power? That's textbook astronomy, dear readers, not character development.

    What's worse is that the whole ploy screams for desperation from the NHL. They could have shouted "Hey, nerds! Watch hockey!" and kept a better amount of self-respect than building second-rate, oddly branded, uninventive schlock.

    Excelsior, Stan? This hockey-loving, comic book buying, ultra geek thinks not.

    Greg Janda is the Lifestyle and Features Editor for, hockey fan and a self-branded UltraNerd. The only time he wants comics and hockey to meet is when he reads a TMNT story with Casey Jones.