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Brady Gets Foot Surgery, Convenient Alibi

Nobody hides injuries better, I tell you



    Brady Gets Foot Surgery, Convenient Alibi
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    Most Patriots fans I know spent the majority of this week reluctantly admitting that they got beat fair and square by the Jets on Sunday. No bad calls. No freakish luck. The Jets outplayed them, outcoached them, and were flat out better. It’s the way every fanbase should handle a loss. It happened, it can’t be undone, and all your pointless braying about what could have been only makes you look like a sore loser.

    But if you’re the type of fan who simply cannot accept the reality of losing to an underdog, if you desperately need a viable excuse for losing that allows you to envision an alternate, more legitimate dimension in which your Pats won, then quarterback Tom Brady has just provided you with one: Foot surgery. HE WAS HURT! IT WAS THE ONLY POSSIBLE EXPLANATION!

    Brady played the entire 2010 season with a stress fracture in his right foot. The source said it's "no trivial injury" and became "very, very painful in the middle of the season."

    Brady has long had a habit of never disclosing injuries, falling in line with Bill Belichick’s code of silence. The stress fracture he suffered is one many other QB’s have played through (as Brady did all year), including Brett Favre and Eli Manning.

    Despite the fracture, Brady was brilliant during the course of the regular season, justifying his eventual MVP award. He practiced all week leading up to the Jets game, so there’s nothing to indicate the injury was substantially more bothersome before the game began. After kickoff though, who knows? The Jets hit Brady like crazy in that game, far more than he was used to during the course of the regular season. So perhaps an injury that didn’t bother Brady when his jersey was kept clean became a wee bit more agonizing once he hit the deck.

    If that was the case, then all due credit still goes to the Jets for getting to Brady and making the injury a factor. Or you can just say a healthy Brady would have won the game 56-0. It’s your imagination, people. Let it run free!