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Stop the Betting, This Is World Serious

World Series bets getting out of hand



    OK, this is just getting silly.

    We have World Series bets between zoo directors, and unless the loser has to clean the elephant habitat or let the lions eat from their bare hands, then who cares; between the mayors of Arlington and San Francisco, and I hope we win the Bay out of that one; and between the Texas governor and a candidate for California governor because … wait, where’s Arnold?

    Evidently, that’s not enough, though. Now Rep. Smokey Joe Barton laid down a wager with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi -- she’s from San Francisco -- pitting some kind of chocolate from California against Texas pecan pie, and they probably pronounce it pee-CAN [snicker] out there.

    Oh, oh, then there’s the bet between the mass transportation authorities of Dallas and San Francisco -- not just the directors, mind you, the entire organizations -- in which BART faces DART in a grudge bet that will have an executive from the loser flying out to the winners’ town to work a bus or light rail station and hand out unspecified “treats” to commuters, and the mind reels at thoughts of which stop in what part of town they might have to deal with cranky riders.

    So please, quit grandstanding and mugging for the cameras. This is serious. This is the World Serious.

    Bruce Felps owns and operatesEast Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. He thanks Blackie Sherrod for the “World Serious” thing. Check’s in the mail, Blackie.