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Aaron Rodgers, Photobomber Aficionado



    Aaron Rodgers, Photobomber Aficionado
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    Rodgers now heads to Atlanta to face the top-seeded Falcons.

    If you were on the fence on who to pull for next week in Super Bowl XLV, there's been some new pictures come to light that might sway your opinion.

    No, it's got nothing to do with Brett Favre and text messages, but some of them do include Brett Favre ... and Aaron Rodgers.

    No, it's nothing like that!  It's totally awesome.

    Ever heard of photobombing? Aaron Rodgers clearly has.

    Check out these pictures compiled by the official photographer for the Green Bay Packers over the years. Apparently, before each game, a photo is taken of the captains prior to the pregame coin toss. When these pictures were taken, Aaron Rodgers was Favre's backup, and you guessed it, when you're Favre's backup (until this year), you don't play.

    So Rodgers had to find some way to occupy his time and made the most of it.

    You'll see Rodgers, mostly in a ballcap, pretending to smoke a cigarette, seemingly making a phone call, turned around pointing at his name on the back of his jersey (my personal favorite), doing the Dr. Evil pinky to the mouth gesture, standing with cotton swabs jammed up his nose and many other great poses.

    Photobombing = awesome. Therefore, Aaron Rodgers = awesome.

    There, it's settled.