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73-Year-Old is DFW Sports Authority



    One of the top sports authorities in North Texas is not a newspaper writer, or radio or television personality.
    She's a 73-year-old Dallas woman who for years has rarely missed a game (or concert) at the American Airlines Center, Cowboys Stadium or The Ballpark.

      Mary Grafflin has proof of her devotion to sports and local stadiums and arenas in pictures of herself wearing the various uniforms.
    First, was The Ballpark.  The Boston native -- mother of seven, grandmother of 10 -- likes baseball so much that it was part of her post-retirement plan.
    "I didn't wait to be bored," she said. "I'd worked all my life, I knew I wanted a job."
    "I at first worked the gate, and now I have a very nice job working the suite elevators," Grafflin said. “It's air conditioned, and I sit down and I have a TV. "
    And when the American Airlines Center first opened, she started working there, too.
    "And I thought, fine, that sounds good," she said. "So then I started working hockey and basketball and concerts."
    And she didn't stop there.
    "Then Jerry Jones built the Cowboys, and the Super Bowl and I decided I wanted to work over there," she said. "So I work the elevator,  concierge staff over there. Very enjoyable.”"
    The games keep her busy just about every time one of the teams is in town. She says there is a pecking order.
    "If it's at the same time, baseball comes first," she said. "Except we're in the championships now, so mavericks are first."