Your Election Will Be Live-Blogged

First-person accounts of what's happening at the polls

Who needs the anonymity of the voting booth when one can Twitter your voting experience as it happens?

Twitter Vote Report is an interactive map that lets users find out what's happening at polling stations across the United States. For those not familiar with the concept, Twitter is an online service that lets people liveblog their continuing existence from their mobile devices. If your life was a novel, Twitter would be the post-it notes that you jotted down the rough draft notes on.

Reports are published to an interactive map and visitors can read about how long it took for people to cast their ballots, among other things:

  • "30 min to vote but that's because my table (north of wilshire) had less voters. Would have taken 45 otherwise."
  • "mood is really upbeat in voting line!"
  • "Drew and I just left. The line is #long in #11216 and things are pretty unorganized. Know your election district! It helps!"

Consider it voting, 2.0.

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