Voting for Sex Toys

Closing one curtain could get you a reason to close another

Having a say in the selection of the leader of the free world not enough for you? What if we throw in a donut? A scoop of ice cream? How about a sex toy?

In a year when forecasters anticipate a record number of Americans voting, many people are feeling the need to sweeten the deal.

At Toys in BabelandNew York City's leading purveyor of bedroom appliances, they're offering his-and-her thank you gifts to those who can show a voter registration card, ballot stub or give their "word of honor" that they've voted.

"Sex crosses party lines. … We’ve tried to make this into a nonpartisan reward because we welcome everyone," Babeland spokeswoman Pamela Doan told "That’s our philosophy and our mission. We didn’t want to reward only Obama supporters. We have a lot of Republicans who shop at Babeland too."

But if a studded rubber sleeve or mini-vibrator aren't of any use to you (our deepest sympathies), you can head off to participating Ben & Jerry's or Krispy Kreme outposts where you can take the edge of your electoral angst with some empty calories.

And if you think you'll be up all night watching election returns, maybe you should hit up Starbucks for a free 12-ounce jolt of caffeine.

Depending on where you live, you could be looking at $30 of $40 worth of free goodies. Finally, an election we can all win.

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