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Trump Jr. Says President Is Doing Well, Defends Sunday Trip Outside Hospital

President Trump is scheduled to be discharged from Walter Reed Medical Center Monday night

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Three days after President Donald Trump was admitted to the hospital and one day after a surprise trip outside the facility in his motorcade, the president's oldest son says his father is doing well and defended the Sunday afternoon excursion.

The president's medical team told reporters Monday afternoon the plan was for Donald Trump to be discharged from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and to return to the White House Monday night.

Donald Trump Jr. said his father never stopped working.

“It is just sort of the mentality that is Donald Trump. He is always going to be a fighter and he is always going to be a worker,” Trump Jr. said.

Doctors say President Trump could be released from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center sometime Monday. A high fever and low oxygen levels over the weekend led doctors to give him oxygen and a steroid typically reserved for the sickest patients. The president's condition was vastly different from the "mild symptoms" reported Friday.

President Trump briefly left Walter Reed Sunday to ride in his motorcade past a crowd of supporters who gathered outside the hospital.

An attending physician from the hospital said of the trip, “the irresponsibility is astounding.”

Trump Jr. said some of the people who were around the president Sunday already tested positive for COVID-19 and had antibodies.

"I think you have to be able to quarantine, you can take reasonable precautions. I was told yesterday that some of the people that were around him that were going to be in there were people who had already tested positive, so they had antibodies," Trump Jr. said. "He wanted to go see the people after sort of the great outpouring of all of those people in front of Walter Reed. He wanted to let them know that, you know, he is OK."

Trump Jr. said he expected to see his father back on the campaign trail and he said masks are handed out at events, but attendees are not required to wear them.

“They hand them out at each and every one of these events, whether it is my father or whether it's us and then you know it's up to people to sort of exercise their personal responsibility," Trump Jr. said.

“We sort of feel that government shouldn’t be telling people what they should do.”

Trump Jr. said he was very confident his father would win Texas and will be back here in the home stretch, mostly for fundraising.

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