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Texas Law Targeting Transgender Athletes Takes Effect Tuesday

Athletes in Texas schools must now compete in sports that align with the sex listed on their original birth certificate

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As of Tuesday, Texas athletes must compete in the sports that align with the birth certificate that was issued at or near their birth.

That specificity of when the birth certificate was issued is the significant change that was implemented with the Texas legislature passing this new law during the third special session called by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott.

The University Interscholastic League, which oversees school sports in Texas, says that a student’s gender is determined by their birth certificate. But until now, the UIL would accept updated birth certificates, where someone had their sex legally changed to match their gender identity.

Under the updated law, a transgender girl who previously competed in sports against other girls in Texas must now compete against boys.

Advocates for the change have argued that it is meant to be a protection for other girls competing in Texas sports.

Critics have argued that it is a discriminatory law.

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