Ruth Bader Ginsburg

‘Earth-Shattering.' Texans React to Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Death

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Texas Democrats and women’s rights advocates late Friday mourned Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg as their lost champion -— and pop culture icon — even as state Republicans and social conservatives remained mostly circumspect, offering polite tributes before what’s likely to be a ferocious battle over her successor, capping an already turbulent year.

“These are scary times,” said Amy Hagstrom Miller, the Texas abortion provider who credits Ginsburg with preserving poor Texas women’s ability to end a pregnancy safely, despite efforts by the GOP-controlled Legislature to shut clinics. “This is just a huge loss.”

The four Democratic women who are trying to end their party’s more than two-decade-long drought in Texas Supreme Court races said Ginsburg “cemented new rights for American women,” a fight they’re ready to continue.

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