Sarah Palin Offered Daughter to Babysit for Tina Fey

Actress Tina Fey's life was already amazingly crazy, as the super-mega comedienne that she is. But when presidential candidate John McCain picked the "30 Rock" star's spittin' image to be his running mate –– Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin –– things got down right surreal.

On "Late Night With Conan O'Brien" last night Fey talked about meeting Palin when the veep contender made a cameo appearance on "Saturday Night Live"–– and revealed that the governor offered her daughter Bristol to babysit for Fey's three-year-old daughter Alice.

"It is the weirdest thing that has ever happened to me –– and I have been involved in a lot of weird things, and I know a lot of weirdos," said Fey of meeting Palin up close and personal after making fun of her on "SNL."

At one point during the taping Fey said she was holding her daughter Alice while watching Palin on the studio monitors, and her daughter got confused, thinking the gov. was mommy.

Later the hockey mom offered some homey assistance to Fey.

"She offered Bristol Palin to babysit!  Which was so nice," Fey told Conan. "And it was Bristol's birthday, too... I was like, yeah, that's exactly what 17-year-old Bristol Palin wants to do, at 'SNL,' is babysit the toddler of the lady that goofs on her mom.  Thanks mom. It's a super-great birthday.' But they're a nice family."

Fey also talks about letting her toddler watch the classic horror movie "Psycho."

Clips below.

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