Religious Rite

The New York Times finally got back around to addressing Barack Obama’s stance on gay marriage on Saturday, an issue the local media has been happy to take a pass on but which is among the most intriguing of Obama’s positions not only because of the civil rights implications but because of the way religion plays a part.

“Several gay friends and wealthy gay donors to Senator Barack Obama have asked him over the years why, as a matter of logic and fairness, he opposes same-sex marriage even though he has condemned old miscegenation laws that would have barred his black father from marrying his white mother,” the Times reported.

“The difference, Mr. Obama has told them, is religion.”

This is another example of why I think the left will be more disappointed in an Obama presidency than the right. Way back in March 2007, Obama couldn’t even give a straight answer to the Times on whether homosexuality was immoral. He’s never really been pressed on the matter, though.

In Saturday’s Times account, Chicago gay rights advocate and political fund-raiser Michael Bauer said “Barack is an intellectual guy and I know he has been thinking through his position on gay marriage, and what is fair for all people, but he is just not there with us on this issue.”

Maybe once the campaign is over Obama will expand on his views and enlighten us with his intellectual prowess.

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