Collin County

Political Signs a ‘Labor of Love' for Collin County Man

A Collin County man has removed thousands of political signs over the past 12 years

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When voting ends, the work begins for campaign volunteers who have to remove political signs.

Dick Hildenbrand is a volunteer and precinct chair for the Collin County Democratic Party.

Every election, he’s in charge of changing the political landscape in his precinct by putting up those ornaments of free speech, then taking them down.

“Labor of love, that's the short answer, I guess,” Hildenbrand said.

Depending on the city, candidates have just days to remove roadside signs.

As a retired veteran and engineer, Hildenbrand has the time and equipment.

He said he first began putting up political signs when President Obama ran for office in 2008.

12 years and thousands of signs later, this week, he's pulling up stakes on another election. It is a job needed more than ever because right now, who couldn’t use a change of scenery?

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