Palin Shakes Handlers, Talks to Press

VP wannabe causes panic by taking a few questions

Gov. Sarah Palin landed in Colorado Springs late Sunday night, walked off the plane and directly toward a gaggle of reporters.

"Get Tracey!," came the shout from a  campaign aide, a call for Palin's spokeswoman Tracey Schmitt, reports the New York Times. Normally it falls to Schmitt to prevent this very thing.

But the deed was done, as the candidate proceeded to take questions from the quote-starved flaks. And then Palin did it again later that night, at a Coldstone Creamery .

"In her continuing evolution from the least accessible to the most accessible of the four candidates, Palin took questions from your pooler," concluded one reporter.

Despite this turn of events, Christopher Hitchens of Slate is demanding that the press simply ignore Palin until she subjects herself to a press conference.

"(W)hy should the press and the networks continue to cover a candidate who could, for all we know, be Angela Lansbury?," asked Hitchens.

After weeks of being kept on a short leash, it appears that Palin is eager to be treated like, well, a vice presidential candidate. Maybe a press conference could be in her near future.

Perhaps she feels emboldened by the positive response she received for her appearance on 'Saturday Night Live,' which fittingly opened with a goof on how she hasn't been allowed to talk to the press.

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