Palin as Pinup

I’m not sure how it’s news that a bar owner in Chicago has hung a painting of a nude Sarah Palin on his wall, but the apparently immense interest is certainly worthy of comment: Please!

I mean, really. Where to start?

How is it acceptable to feminists that Obama supporters – such as the bar’s owner who painted the portrait – seem to spend an inordinate amount of time imagining the potential vice president of the United States naked?

How is it acceptable that these same folks would never imagine, say, Hillary Clinton naked?

Is it acceptable to demean a woman seeking a powerful office because she is attractive?

Is it acceptable to make fun of an updo that is actually designed – by her Palin’s own explanation – to unsexify her so she’ll be taken seriously?

Isn’t it creepy that the artist used his daughter as the portrait’s model?

Do liberal men secretly find it perversely sexy that Palin is a hunter – thus putting an automatic rifle in her hand in the portrait?

Why is hunting such a big issue to the Palinphobes – do they want to ban hunting? Coming from what he described as a hunting state, Howard Dean used to brag that he had an “A” rating from the NRA. John Kerry went hunting during the 2004 campaign, didn’t he?

Which brings us back to the original question: How does this constitute news?

I’m not sure what to do first, re-read Freud or call Susan Faludi.

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