Obama Dominating the Swing States

John McCain might be improving in the national polls, but he's hurting where it really counts, according to poll watcher Nate Silver.

McCain has seen some positive movement in the Gallup and Research 2000 polls, but he's got worry in Virginia and Colorado and worsening situations in Ohio and Florida, according to Silver's FiveThirtyEight.com.

"At the state level, [the] numbers ought mostly to speak for themselves. We have yet more evidence that John McCain has big problems in Virginia and Colorado," Silver wrote. "And keep an eye on those Nevada numbers, because if they creep into the Virginia/Colorado range, then John McCain could very easily pull off a miracle in Pennsylvania and still lose the election."

The "good news" for McCain is in Pennsylvania because the two latest polls just have him down 7 and 9 points respectively instead of trailing by double-digits.

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