Obama: I'll Be at Debate

Barack Obama said Thursday that he’ll be heading to Oxford, Mississippi, for Friday’s presidential despite John McCain’s call to push it back.

“Later today, I’ll be travelling to Washington to offer my help in getting this deal done. Then, I’ll travel to Oxford on Friday for the first of our presidential debates,” Obama said in remarks to the Clinton Global Initiative.

“Our election is in 40 days. Our economy is in crisis, and our nation is fighting two wars abroad. The American people deserve to hear directly from myself and Senator McCain about how we intend to lead our country. The times are too serious to put our campaign on hold, or to ignore the full range of issues that the next president will face.”

Despite McCain’s claim that the proposed $700 billion bailout will not pass “as it currently stands,” Obama expressed optimism about progress on Capitol Hill.

“Congressional leaders have made progress in their negotiations, and appear close to a deal that would include these principles,” Obama said.

President Bush addressed some of these issues last night, and I’m pleased that Senator McCain has decided to embrace them too. Now is a time to come together – Democrats and Republicans – in a spirit of cooperation on behalf of the American people.”

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