Ballot Box

 A new poll shows that Obama is gaining in key swing states and the Democratic nominee has the kids' vote on lock: Nickelodeon's "Kids Vote" -- which predicted the winner of the presidential election four out of the last five elections -- has named Obama its winner. Today's buzz:

  • The GOP is insatiable when it comes to political witch-hunting and the Acorn scandal is indicative of such poison tactics, wrote Bob Herbert in the NYT. Take-away: "In one politically crucial state after another -- in Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, you name it -- the GOP has unleashed foot soldiers whose insidious mission is to make the voting process as difficult as possible."
  • The WSJ slammed Ben Bernake for his endorsement of Obama's fiscal stimulus plan and called the move political. Take-away: "Mr. Bernake could have begged off -- and would have been wiser to do so -- given how much the Fed has already made itself a political lightning rod with its many Wall Street interventions."
  • Red is the color of yesterday, wrote Richard Cohen wrote in the WaPo. Take-away: "The GOP's tropism toward its furious angry base, its tolerance and currying of anti-immigrant sentiment, its flattering of the ignorant on matters of undisputed scientific consensus -- evolution, for instance -- and, from the mouth of Palin, its celebration of drab provincialism, have sharpened the division between red and blue."
  • Rich Lowry questions Colin Powell's motivations for endorsing Obama and wrote in the Nation Review Online that Powell's reasons sound more like excuses. Take-away: "Powell's reasons for swinging to Obama were a watery stew of all the regnant cliches about the campaign."
  • Women have a lot at stake in this election and if they want to keep abortion rights and equal pay, they have to vote for Obama, wrote Catharine MacKinnon in the WSJ. Take-away: "An Obama presidency could restore that balance and fairness that ideological appointments by past administrations have upset, and that Mr. McCain has committed to continue."
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