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Texas Candidates Make Labor Day Push in North Texas

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The final stretch of campaign season is here.

“We have been block walking for weeks now, and this is like a reenergize type of thing, and just bringing all of the republicans together,” said Abraham George, Chairman of the Collin County Republican Party.

Republican candidates and supporters gathered on Monday at the Collin County GOP Labor Day Rally.

Attorney General Ken Paxton was one of the event's keynote speakers. He declined our request for an interview but did speak on stage.

Paxton, running for this third term, was indicted in 2015 on securities fraud charges and has maintained he did nothing wrong.

The latest Dallas Morning News, University of Texas at Tyler poll shows a tight race with the Attorney General ahead of his democratic opponent Rochelle Garza by about two points.

“I can tell you if they get a foothold whether it is in my race, whether it is the lieutenant governor's race, whatever it is, they will use it to cause trouble for our state and make it more difficult for us to keep control, republican control,” Paxton told the crowd.

Garza was also in North Dallas today, at a labor day picnic hosted by the Dallas Democratic party. She said she wants to fight for families and children.

“That means making sure we restore access to abortion care,  that we respect voting rights, and that we protect Texas consumers and have accountability for the power grid failure,” Garza said.

Democratic lieutenant governor candidate Mike Collier was also at the picnic. Collier said he feels good going into the home stretch.

“There [are] lots and lots of undecided voters out there that we are communicating with.  They respond very, very well to somebody that they perceive as not very partisan,” said Collier.

Collier has received an endorsement from Republican Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley, who believe he feels Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has attacked local government.  Lt. Gov. Patrick tweeted in response.

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