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Tarrant County Judge Candidates Look Toward November

There is no run-off in either the Republican or Democratic tickets

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Election night was a big win for Former Tarrant County Republican Party Chairman Tim O’Hare. As he looks ahead to November, he has several priorities if elected.

“Actual tax relief from county property taxes. I think the second piece of it is we need to limit the size of government and I have actually done that before at a government level. Government is not the answer to everything,” said O’Hare.

O'Hare is running in a county that flipped to blue for President Biden in 2020, and Former El Paso Congressman Beto O’Rourke when he ran for U.S. Senate. But O'Hare points to county-wide candidates continuing to win in Tarrant county.

“Not only do I think we are going to go back to winning the top of the ticket, but I think we are going to win it big and then we are going to do things to make sure Tarrant County stays red for many, many years to come,” he added.

Former Democratic Party Chair Deborah Peoples is back in politics. She believes the Democrat's work in Tarrant County is paying off.

“I think the people of Tarrant County, a county of 2.1 million people, want a leader that's going to lead them forward and bring us all together. This is about bringing our diverse constituencies together and not continuing to separate us,” said Peoples.

Peoples top priority is moving more businesses into the growing county.

“We have got to fix the tax base because right now consumers are dying. Individual homeowners are just being burdened with taxes. But the way we fix that Julie, is that we bring more businesses here and businesses that pay good wages so that people can get good jobs and be able to afford good housing,” said Peoples.

While both candidates won by wide margins in their primaries, turnout in the county was just about 16%.

Now they have months to campaign to get ready for November.

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