Texas Legislature

Still No Quorum as Second Special Session Stretches Into Second Week

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Most Texas House Democrats remained outside the state Capitol Monday as Gov. Greg Abbott's second special session moved into its second week, denying the chamber the necessary number of lawmakers it needs to take a vote.

Democrats first denied the House a quorum in July at the start of the first special session to try to kill a GOP-backed elections bill.

When the session ended Aug. 6, Abbott immediately called a second special session.

Democrats say the elections bills suppress votes, while Republicans maintain it is about election security.

Republicans held a news conference Monday after they went to House chambers, where the chair of the House Republican Caucus said despite the holdout, some Democrats and Republicans are in communication.

“Many people have relationships with colleagues they have served on committees with, or are from the same town, and those conversations are occurring," House Republican Caucus Chair Rep. Jim Murphy (R-Houston). "We are trying to encourage them to come back. We're listening to what they have to say, telling them they will be appreciated and to be part of the process here."

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