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State Rep. Jake Ellzey on Becoming Congressman-Elect Ellzey

Ellzey won the race for Congressional District 6, and talked to NBC 5 on what he plans to do first

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State Representative Jake Ellzey is about to become Congressman Ellzey. He will represent voters in Ellis, Navarro, and part of Tarrant County.

“It was an exciting night one that I don't think many people anticipated, but I think it's a validation of a positive strong message,” said Ellzey.

This was a race for the seat held by Ron Wright, who died after a long battle with cancer, and then contracting COVID-19. His widow Susan Wright was also running for the seat. Wright was heavily backed by former President Donald Trump, while Ellzey was backed by former Governor Rick Perry. A lot has been made of Ellzey beating the candidate backed by the former President, and we asked him about that.

“Well, I always say the same thing, is that she should be proud of President Trump’s endorsement. I am proud of my endorsements. At the end of the day, it is how the two campaigns operate and the candidates themselves. What they say, where they show up, and what their message is,” added Ellzey.

Wright tweeted her congratulations. Ellzey tells NBC 5 they spoke on the phone and that she was gracious and kind, and he looks forward to working with her.

He said goal one is to get constituent services up and running. Then Ellzey, who was a fighter pilot in the navy, will focus on the military.

“The second job is to introduce legislation to ensure that the department of defense does not release any active duty military until they have been given a disability rating and a complete medical workup, so that they don't have to go to the VA to get the care that they need,” he said.

Ellzey, who is still in the legislature and had to be back in Austin today, plans to go to Washington, D.C. and expects to be sworn in on Friday. 

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