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Some Mail-In Ballots Rejected After New Laws Take Effect

North Texas elections officials outline how to make sure you fill a mail-in ballot properly

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With about six weeks until the March 1 primary election, there is some confusion over new laws and mail-in ballots.

As of last week in Tarrant County, out of the 2188 mail-in applications, 490 were rejected. In Collin County, out of the 1800 mail-in applications, 150 were rejected.  In Dallas County, out of the 5201 mail-in applications, 549 were rejected. In Denton county, out of the 930 mail-in applications, 264 were rejected.

“Look at your application for ballot by mail. It is new this year. If it does not have a space for social security or your driver’s license, that is an old ballot,” said Nicholas Solorzano, Dallas County Elections Dept. Communications Director.

One of the issues elections administrators are seeing is mail-in applications using the old form. The new form has a space in the top right-hand corner for new information. You are now required to include either your driver’s license or state-issued id number, or social security number. 

However, whatever you enter, must match what you entered when you registered to vote, or your ballot, will be rejected.

“You can choose one of the two but recommended to people you use both because let's say you registered 10 years ago and used your social and you don't remember and right now you fill it out with your driver’s, we are not going to be able to have a match. But if you put both numbers on the form whatever you put in your voter registration form, whenever you registered should match and then there shouldn't be a problem,” said Heider Garcia, Tarrant County elections administrator.

The deadline to get a mail-in application submitted is February 18, but the earlier, the better, according to Bruce Sherbet, Collin County Elections Administrator.

“Do it earlier rather than later. Don't wait until the last minute, because if there is a problem with the application that we need you to help us with, if we have to reject it, initially the closer we are to the election the more difficult it is to get the resolution handled,” said Sherbet.

County officials also encourage you to get in touch with your local administrators if you have any questions when filling out your application.

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