New PAC Formed in McKinney to Support Public Education

The PAC is also to show support for teachers, staff and administrators

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Some parents in McKinney had been considering putting a Political Action Committee together to support public education.

But controversy surrounding books in schools was the icing on the cake.

“I began to realize this was the time we needed to do something,” said Angie Bado, chairperson.

In February, two parents challenged the district to remove more than 280 books they deemed inappropriate, according to the Dallas Morning News. But the district said they didn't follow the proper procedures in place for a challenge.

McKinney Mayor George Fuller is on the advisory board of the PAC.

“People like me are not saying that there aren’t books that may be inappropriate.  What we are saying is don't take that and exploit it for a political agenda. Approach that issue in the way that you can, the way that’s appropriate the legal process,” said McKinney Mayor George Fuller.

Fuller points to a supreme court ruling, which says a public school system can't remove a book because school board members or administrators disagree with its viewpoints or ideas.

Books in school libraries have become a flashpoint. Last year Governor Greg Abbott  asked the TEA to come up with a policy about how books get on school library shelves.

Representative Jared Patterson, (R-Frisco), agrees there has to be a rules policing what goes in school libraries.

“We shouldn’t put the full responsibility of policing our libraries on the parents who may be on campus for three or four years. There needs to be a process on the front end to make sure that some of those things don’t make it into the library to begin with,” said Rep. Patterson.

An issue to come up likely in school districts, and the next legislative session.

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