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Nearly Two Dozen Candidates Fighting for District 6 Seat

Election Day is Saturday, May 1

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Twenty-three candidates are vying to fill the U.S. House seat held by the late Ron Wright -- they include 11 Republicans, 10 Democrats, one Libertarian and one Independent.

The election for Texas' 6th congressional district, which includes part of Tarrant County and all of Ellis and Navarro counties, will be held May 1. Early voting begins April 19 and ends Tuesday, April 27.

To win the special election outright, a candidate will need more than 50% of the vote. If no candidate secures more than 50% of the vote, the top two candidates will advance to a runoff. The date for the runoff will be scheduled by Gov. Greg Abbott only after all of the ballots, including all mail-in ballots, have been counted and certified. Whoever wins the election will have to run for office again in November 2022 with the mid-term primary being held March 1, 2022.

Learn more about the candidates below (candidates are listed by last name in alphabetical order).

Tammy Allison (D)
Tammy Allison joins the list of candidates for the 6th Congressional District seat. "I didn't ask to run,” Allison said. “The residents and people of District 6 did. I've been a public servant in the executive branch for my entire career. Stepping up to the plate to answer this call feels like a natural part of my journey to serve others." A first-generation Nigerian-American, Allison has undergone several challenging life obstacles such as childhood sexual abuse, domestic violence, and more but has used that to fuel the very things she fights for politically. Though Allison was born and raised in Texas, she spent more than a decade in Washington D.C. before moving back to Grand Prairie a couple of years ago. She brings her experience under the Obama Administration as a senior attorney and a federal prosecutor for the U.S. Department of Justice to the table. Several Federal District Courts, the U.S. Supreme Court, the U.S. Court of Appeals for D.C. are just a few of the other places she’s been admitted to. Allison is currently practicing law at a Federal Executive Clemency law firm she launched in 2019 called the Pardon Attorney. If elected Allison has four main focuses during the unexpired term: criminal justice reform by allowing the exercise of the second amendment for those with low-level criminal offenses, creating federal judge term limits, helping rebuild the economy through oil and gas companies, as well as safe legalization of cannabis.
Online- Tammy Allison for Congress
Twitter- @TammyForTexas

Michael Ballantine (R)
"The Change You Need" is Michael Ballantine’s slogan, as he runs for the District 6 seat. Ballantine is a business and English lecturer living in Arlington. According to his LinkedIn profile, Ballantine spent two decades overseas involved in international trade through Southeast Asia. With degrees in business administration, higher education end economics, Ballantine takes his knowledge and applies it to his priority list if elected. Preserving and saving the environment through the implementation of renewable fuels; pushing for student loan forgiveness and improving education with funding programs; creating affordable health care for the unemployed and lowering the Medicare age requirement; providing employment for free speech, and limiting immigration are the main focuses of Ballantine’s campaign.
Online: Michael Ballantine for Congress
Twitter: @Mcamelyne

Lydia Bean (D)
Lydia Bean, the daughter of a Baptist pastor and a public school teacher, holds a Ph.D. in Sociology from Harvard University and taught at Baylor University. She lives in Arlington with her husband, Norman Lee, a public artist, and their 9-month-old son. "The events of the past several days and weeks have thrown into stark relief how badly our leaders are failing us," Bean said, after an unprecedented winter storm knocked out power to millions of Texans for several days in February. "As a new parent, small business owner, and community leader, I have too much skin in the game to sit back and watch it happen. "Texas is the energy capital of the world, but our infrastructure collapsed when we needed it most. The desire to win at all costs has led politicians to undermine our elections - the foundation of our democracy. And somehow, the simple act of wearing a mask to protect our neighbors has become a partisan dividing line. I know there are better days ahead, but in order to get there, we need to send leaders to Washington who will stand up for what's right and will work with anyone to give every Texan a fair shot." Bean was the Democratic candidate in state House District 93 in 2020, a campaign in which she raised over $1 million and garnered endorsements from the Tarrant County Central Labor Council, Texas AFL-CIO, EMILY's List, the Sierra Club, Texas Parent PAC, Equality Texas, the Human Rights Campaign, and numerous others. She lost in the general election on Nov. 3, 2020. Bean is the founder of Faith in Texas, a nonprofit that brings faith communities together to work for change in their schools, cities, and state. She worked with faith leaders from across North Texas to protect families from predatory payday lenders who trap people in high-interest loans. Bean and her husband also co-own and operate a small business. "I have the experience to bring people together to solve the challenges that confront us: rebuilding our economy from the ground up by repairing our crumbling infrastructure, getting North Texas reopened as quickly and safely as possible, and ensuring that after COVID-19, every Texan has a fair shot to succeed. In Congress, those are the fights I'll take on." 
Online: Lydia Bean for Congress
Twitter: @LydiaBeanTexas

John Anthony Castro (R)
John Anthony Castro became the youngest person to run for office in South Texas at the age of 19 when he ran for county commissioner. He launched a bid for the U.S. Senate in 2020, losing to longtime incumbent John Cornyn in the Republican primary. Castro has not held or run for any other political office in the United States. Castro obtained degrees from the New England School of Law in Boston, the University of New Mexico School of Law in Albuquerque, and the Georgetown University Law Center. He now works at his established firm called Castro & Co. “My emphasis on solutions and focus on building unity between Republicans and Democrats has led every single one to plead with me to offer my service to the American people,” Castro said. “I am now willing to leave behind a successful company to serve the people of my district." Castro’s campaign would highlight affordable college for all by utilizing an online approach; shifting reliance on coal and oil to alternative sources of energy; allow a Commission to serve as the price negotiator in healthcare; and fight for a tax cut for American Seniors. “This is not a campaign about one person,” Castro said. “This is a campaign to end the rigged system we currently live in and make it fair for everyone.” “This is a campaign for your future. This campaign is about you and your family.”
Online: John Anthony Castro for Congress
Twitter: @realJohnACastro

Editor's note: This story originally reported that Castro had launched campaigns in other states which Castro said was not true. We have updated this story and regret the error.

Daryl J. Eddings Sr. (D)
Daryl J. Eddings Sr. says his inspiration for running for the District 6 seat came from the insurrection at the capital on Jan. 6. Eddings spent nearly three decades in the U.S. military as a senior non-commissioned officer serving around the world. Now Eddings lives in Midlothian with his wife, two children, and seven grandchildren. After returning from battle and healing from injuries, Eddings founded Operation Battle Buddy, a nonprofit organization focused on pairing mentors with injured soldiers returning from the battlefield. The mentors then help the soldiers, and their families find normalcy after war. Eddings hopes to use his past experiences serving the country to serve the often unseen. “It is time that someone stands up for the people, for the working guy, the single mother, and the retiree who has worked for thirty years and can’t get by on a Social Security check that doesn’t keep pace with inflation,” Eddings posted on his campaign site. Just a few of the issues Eddings hopes to tackle if elected to Congress are internet access,  immigration reform, criminal justice reform, campaign finance reform, retirement security, as well as environmental protection and climate disruption. “Send me to Congress. I will protect and defend the Constitution and continue doing everything in my power to keep this nation strong and our people safe,” Eddings posted.
Online: Daryl J. Eddings Sr. for Congress
Twitter: @EddingsTX

Mike Egan (R)
Another U.S. Veteran running for Congress is Mike Egan. Egan served as an infantry officer and decorated Green Beret for years before applying his operational and strategy skills to the corporate world through several Fortune 500 companies. Currently, Egan works at JP Morgan & Chase Company as a vice president. If elected, Egan will continue to serve by advocating for the protection of American freedoms, limiting government interference in personal lives, heightening border security, allowing personal control of taxes and budgets, defending the nation from foreign and domestic enemies, as well as preserving the nation’s energy and environment for future generations.
Online: Mike Egan for Congress
Twitter: @EganForCongress

Jake Ellzey (R)
Jake Ellzey served the country as a fighter pilot and was deployed nine times before retiring and becoming a commercial airline pilot out of Ellis County. Now, he joins the list of candidates vying for the District 6 seat. “I’m running for Congress to ensure our shared conservative values ring loudly through the halls of the Capital.” Ellzey is a highly decorated veteran with two bronze stars and eight Air Medals earned in his military career. When he returned and retired from the military, Ellzey was commissioned by Republican Gov. Rick Perry to serve as Commissioner on the Texas Veterans Commission in a position he held for more than six years. Hoping to continue to be a force for the United States, Ellzey is eager to use his years of service and political science degree from the U.S. Naval Academy to be a dependable voice Texans can depend on in D.C. Ellzey has multiple ways he plans to serve if elected in Congress, some of those ways include protecting private property rights, improving/protecting public education, cutting taxes, standing up for veterans/police, defending the second amendment, and standing for election integrity.
Online: Jake Ellzey for Congress
Twitter: @JakeEllzey

Phil Gray (L)
Phil Gray is the sole Libertarian on the special election ballot this year and will be bringing his experience as a property owner, business owner, proud Texan, widower, and grandfather to the race. Gray stands for paying the national debt, immigration reform, decriminalizing drugs, healthcare solutions, providing options for public debt relief, add economic viability to federal lands, pro-choice, national defense, and foreign relations.
Online: Phil Gray for Congress
Twitter: None found

Brian Harrison (R)
Brian Harrison is a Texas A&M graduate who left the Lone Star State to serve under the Trump Administration and is now eager to go back to D.C. to serve in Congress. “See it’s easy to talk about being a conservative republican here in Texas but getting results in D.C.- that’s hard. I slashed regulations, reigned in unelected bureaucrats, even created term limits for them.” Bureaucrats are just one of the focuses Harrison had his last trip to the nation’s capital. In addition to that, other issues Harrison plans to continue to tackle if he earns the Congress District 6 seat are securing the border, protecting the unborn, supporting the second amendment, improving national security, supporting veterans, cutting taxes, etc. The Former Chief of Staff at the Health of Human Services Department has made his stance to ‘continue the America First Movement’ in Congress well-known and plans to be a representative for Texans and push against the direction of the current Biden Administration. “See we need a fighter in Congress, Texans can’t settle for anything less,” Harrison said.
Online: Brian Harrison for Congress
Twitter: @BrianEHarrison

Matt Hinterlong (D)
Matt is an Arlington native who obtained undergraduate degrees in economics and engineering science at Vanderbilt University and later worked as a Department of Defense contractor in the Republic of Georgia before returning to Texas a few years ago as a real estate developer. Much like other candidates, on Jan. 6, during the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, Hinterlong felt the urge to do more to be a part of a change and a new direction in the U.S. leading him to run for Congress. “I hope to share with you a moderate Democratic platform and earn your support with my voice and the voice of my friends and supporters,” Matt Hinterlong said. “We need to move forward into a future where our needs are met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs,” Hinterlong said. Hinterlong’s focus in Congress if elected will be on national security, climate change, and infrastructure, immigration opportunity policies, economic security with raised wages and healthcare, and aid in the fight against COVID-19. 
Online: Matt Hinterlong for Congress
Twitter: @Hinterlong4TX

Editor's note: This story originally described Hinterlong as a veteran. We regret the error.

Sery Kim (R)
Sery Kim is another lifelong Texan running for the District 6 seat. Kim is a Korean-American whose parents moved to the U.S. when she was a young child. She’s used the experience to shape her passion for the country and for Texas. “They sometimes worked two jobs, three jobs to put food on the table, and it’s here in Texas that I learned the value of sacrifice, hard work, resilience,” Sery Kim said. “It’s right here in the great state of Texas, in the 6th District of Texas, that I learned the American Dream.” She obtained her law degree at 23-years-old from UT Austin and went on to work for President Donald Trump in a variety of ways including as Assistant Administrator of the Office of Women’s Business Ownership at the U.S. Small Business administration, helping to confirm nominees in a variety of national positions, and as the Senior Advisor at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. That’s not Kim’s only time leading the country at a national level, she’s also worked for President George W. Bush at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and Chairman Darrell Issa at Oversight and Government Reform. Kim is also a small business owner, food and travel writer, and practicing attorney, but has put all her focus into her new role as a congressional candidate.  “Texans deserve a representative who will go to Washington D.C. and fight against big government, stop the political games, and work day and night to protect this great state,” Kim said. If Kim is granted the opportunity in Congress she longs for, she will focus on growing small businesses, legal immigration, protection of the second amendment, combatting COVID-19, supporting veterans, and supporting Christian values. Two California GOP Reps. Young Kim and Michelle Steel, both of Korean descent, previously endorsed Sery Kim but pulled their endorsements after her criticism of Chinese immigrants.
Online: Sery Kim for Congress
Twitter: @seryfortexas

Shawn Lassiter (D)
Democrat Shawn Lassiter, a self-described nonprofit leader, single mother, first-generation college graduate and former public school teacher hopes to win the District 6 seat. Lassiter's initial statement to the media said she promises "to fight for the people, not the wealthy and well-connected" and said growing up in a family of five with a single mother taught her the power education can have to liberate people and open the doors of opportunity. Lassiter said she taught science in the Fort Worth ISD; her Linkedin page says she's currently the Chief of Equity and Innovation at Leadership ISD, a nonprofit fighting for equitable access to high-quality public education. According to her bio on Linkedin, Lassiter earned her undergrad degree at Alabama State, MPA at Ashford University Forbes School of Business, and her Ph.D. in Education Leadership at TCU. “This is my home, and I know the challenges people here are facing because I’ve lived them too. We need leaders in Congress with the political courage to do what's right for our families, for the working class, for underemployed and unemployed people who are struggling during this pandemic,” said Lassiter in a statement. "Make no mistake, this is a time of crisis for Texas — and instead of helping, our elected leaders are playing political games and putting corporate interests first. Our leaders failed to prepare us for a horrific storm that has inflicted untold damage on our community. Our leaders have failed to protect us from the coronavirus. Our leaders have left working Texans behind.“ "All my life I’ve fought for equity so that every Texas family has access to the opportunities that allowed me to overcome poverty and become the first in my family to graduate from college. In Congress, I’ll fight for real accountability from our government, to get North Texas the resources we need to overcome these crises, to ensure every family can send their kids to great schools, and to make our economy finally work for working people," Lassiter said. Online: Shawn Lassiter for Congress
Twitter: @ShawnLassiterTX

Adrian Mizher (I)
Adrian Mizher is the sole Independent on the ballot this term, with plans to hold on to his conservative values and make honesty and transparency a priority. Mizher grew up in Philadelphia and moved to Texas where he’s been for 16 years. He is a husband and father of three. Mizher’s focus in congress, if elected, would be refining the country’s budget, fighting against abortion, supporting legal immigration, dissolving race criteria, solving class and income disparity, reforming content allowed in the media, implementing careful and selective use of the military, as well as improving foreign affairs.
Online: Adrian Mizher for Congress
Twitter: @admizher

Patrick Moses (D)
Patrick Moses was the first to file for the District 6 position in Congress in late February. Moses worked for the government for more than three decades as an executive at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and is now a reverend of First Missionary Baptist Church in Fort Worth. According to his campaign site, Moses believes more than anything that people should love their neighbor, and that’s what his priority in Congress would be if he earns the seat on Capital Hill. “I’m a proud Democrat, but I will never choose my party over my neighbors, my state, or my country,” Patrick Moses said. Moses will be taking his bachelor’s degree in Political Science, master’s degrees in Public Administration and Divinity, pastoral experience, and experience serving his country with him if elected to Congress. His focus then will be on empowering small businesses and working families, prioritizing healthcare and COVID-19 recovery, effective leadership strategies and accountability, as well as accelerating public investment and infrastructure. Also on the list of things in Moses’ view to impact are addressing the climate crisis, promoting a quality, equitable public education, and addressing food insecurities. “Through faith, dedication and hard work, I know that together we can transition out of the COVID-19 pandemic, rebuild our economy, and help families in our district, the great state of Texas, and America stay safe and healthy,” Moses said.
Online: Patrick Moses for Congress
Twitter: @PatrickMosesTX

Travis Rodermund (R)
Travis Rodermund is a conservative with experience in the military, law enforcement, and small business owner running for District 6 in Congress. Rodermund graduated from Brigham Young University and then became a police officer in North Texas for 12 years before enlisting in the Army National Guard as an infantryman. Rodermund now is back at a local police department working under the Training Division and is also a senior member of the SWAT team. The congressional candidate is also a small business owner with his wife Courtney, a mission they started despite the arrival of the pandemic in the past year. Rodermund has a variety of priorities if elected to office including protection of the first and second amendment, standing up for law enforcement, fighting for Texas landowner’s rights, highlighting small government, creating a balanced budget, enforcing border security, supporting veterans and active-duty memory, advocating for pro-life, and advancing healthcare. Rodermund has been endorsed by TMPA: The Voice of Texas Law Enforcement.
Online: Travis Rodermund for Congress
Twitter: @TravisRodermund

Dan Rodimer (R)
Dan Rodimer is a congressional candidate with experience in the political sector, from the past year he ran for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional district. He lost to Rep. Susie Lee, but has decided to run again this year, this time for Texas’ 6th District. “I’m running for Congress for my six children,” Dan Rodimer said. “I’m running to defend all of our families, our Faith, and our freedom in Texas.” On the home page of Rodimer’s campaign site, he lists one of his top priorities as firing Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi. Along with that, if elected to Congress, Rodimer hopes to stop illegal immigration and protect the southern border; secure a power grid for Texas; stand with law enforcement and the military; protect the right to life; protect the second amendment, and bring back jobs. “It’s time to make America Texas again,” Rodimer said. Rodimer plans to use his wrestling experience in his campaign on Sat. April 17, with his event, Wrestle For Your Rights. The event will feature Rodimer, former Knox County Mayor Glenn “Kane” Jacobs, Daniel Puder, Doug Basham, and Al Snow.
Online: Dan Rodimer for Congress
Twitter: @DanRodimer

Manuel Richard Salazar III (D)
NBC 5 could not locate a campaign website or Twitter handle to learn more about Manuel Richard Salazar III.

Jana Lynn Sanchez (D)
Democrat Jana Lynn Sanchez, who ran against Ron Wright in 2018 for the District 6 seat, has also declared her candidacy in the May 1 special election. According to Sanchez, she is running because "the urgency of this moment calls for leadership focused on building an equitable, resilient, healthy, and prosperous future for all North Texans." Sanchez is the granddaughter of a Mexican immigrant, and her father was a United States Marine, a truck driver, and a cement factory worker. She was born in Ellis County, and she earned a bachelor's degree in political science from Rice University, becoming the first in her family to earn a college degree. Sanchez also co-founded CitySavvy, a communication consultancy agency, and she served on the Dean's Advisory Board for the School of Social Sciences at Rice University.
Online: Jana Lynn Sanchez for Congress
Twitter: @TheJanaSanchez

Jenny Garcia Sharon (R)
"Texas Bold, Texas Strong" is the campaign slogan for Jenny Garcia Sharon, a Texas native from Houston running for the District 6 Congress seat. Sharon is a first-generation college graduate from the University of the Incarnate Word where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Administration and minored in Psychology. Prior to running for a political position, Sharon served her community through Meals on Wheels, Elf Louise, Local Food Banks and the United Way. This is not Sharon’s first time in the race, she also ran for Texas Congressional District 35 in 2020. Though she won the Republican primary, the seat was ultimately won by Lloyd Doggett (D). Sharon’s campaign focus if elected would be supporting pro-life, election integrity, the second amendment, education, healthcare, as well as immigration and border security.
Online: Jenny Garcia Sharon for Congress
Twitter: @jenny4congress

Brian K. Stephenson (D)
Brian K. Stephenson is another congressional candidate listed on the ballot. According to Twitter, Stephenson hopes to balance the U.S. budget and improve America’s cash flow to pay debts and become tax-free if elected to office. Other things Stephenson would focus on would be creating higher wages, keeping taxes low, forming affordable education, and better border security. NBC 5 could not locate a campaign website at this time.
Online: None found
Twitter: @BrianKStephens2

Chris Suprun (D)
Chris Surun is another District 6 candidate that has dedicated his life to service as well, but as a firefighter and paramedic, a job he’s had for nearly three decades. Suprun also served in multiple colleges as Adjunct Faculty in prehospital emergency medicine and as a critical care flight paramedic. In addition to being a Texas and Virginia state legislature-recognized EMS personnel and speaker, Suprun has led or founded multiple non-profits, served as a Board Member, and various other leadership positions. Political experience came with Suprun’s aid in the campaigns of Governors George Allen (R-VA) and Jim Gilmore (R-VA, RNC Chairman), and experience serving for the Electoral College. He’s ready to put his experience to use for all Texans and highlights various issues that he aims to focus on. COVID-19 Response in the form of infrastructure and vaccinations; lower payroll taxes on earner income; getting children back in schools; domestic terrorism; Israel foreign policy; environment/natural resources; and balanced budget amendment are all issues Suprun would tackle if elected to office.
Online: Chris Suprun for Congress
Twitter: @ChrisWorksForTexas

Michael Wood (R)
Michael Wood was born and raised in Midland and earned his undergraduate degrees from NYU in economics and history. After college, Wood joined the Marines and serve two tours in Afghanistan. During his service, he received two Purple Hearts and a Navy Commendation Medal. Wood returned to Texas and earned his MBA at SMU and is now a small business owner while serving in the Marine Corps Reserves. Wood is married to Denton County Assistant District Attorney Sarah Wood and together they have four daughters. On his campaign website, Wood says "It's Time to Move Forward" and that "The Republican Party has lost its way and now is the time to fight for its renewal. We were once a party of ideas, but we have devolved into a cult of personality. This must end, and Texas must lead the way." Wood said the same drive that spurred him to join the Marines is what is driving him to run for political office. "I do not come from money. There is no political machine behind me. All I have is my deep love of America and a belief that its people are fundamentally good. I trust they will respond to a man who stands up for what is right and speaks with courage."
Online: Michael Wood for Congress
Twitter: @michaelwoodtx

Susan Wright (R)
Republican Susan Wright, the widow of the late Congressman Wright, hopes to fill the vacancy in congress left by her husband's death. “The taxpayers of the sixth district deserve a proven conservative in Congress who will stand up for them and do whatever it takes to stop the radical left’s socialist government takeover,” Susan Wright said.“I’m running for Congress to continue my husband’s legacy by supporting economic growth, reforming our broken healthcare system, and defending Texas conservative values.” Wright has lived in the 6th District for over 30 years, serving as District Director for both Rep. Bill Zedler (TX-HD-96) and his successor Rep. David Cook (TX-HD-96). According to Wright, she has spent her entire life and career fighting for and defending Texas conservative Republican values. “Ron always fought for the people and conservative values of the sixth district," Wright said. "I'm asking the voters of Ellis, Navarro, and Tarrant Counties to help me continue the fight for stronger borders, lower taxes, and the precious right to life in Washington." She currently represents Texas Senate District 10 as a member of the State Republican Executive Committee. "Working side by side with the people of Ellis, Navarro, and Tarrant counties for decades to connect citizens to their government has been an honor," Wright said. "I look forward to asking them for their vote.” If elected, Wright said she will focus on issues like cutting taxes and wasteful spending, rebuilding the economy, defending Constitutional freedoms, preserving the sanctity of life, strengthening the military, and reforming healthcare. Online: Susan Wright for Congress
Twitter: @SusanWrightTX06

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