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Gov. Abbott Talks About Power Grid Failure One Year Later

Governor Abbott spoke about the power grid while in North Texas

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A year later, with one big winter storm that tested the Texas power grid behind us, Gov. Greg Abbott is defending the work to stabilize the system.

But others say it still doesn't go far enough.

Gov. Greg Abbott was in North Texas Tuesday, a year after the 2021 storm. NBC 5 asked him about the tragic event.

“We wanted to make sure that what happened last year would never happen again,” said Gov. Abbott.

Power generators have been ordered to weatherize, but gas companies have not. The Texas Railroad Commission is expected to put winterization regulations in place later this year.

University of Houston energy expert Ed Hirs wrote in a column in The Dallas Morning News that climate change will cause extremes that will affect the system again, saying  “Rather than admit mistakes were made, the current political leadership in Texas seems content in assuring residents of the state that the problem with their electrical system has been fixed.”

We asked Gov. Abbott for his response to that quote.

“The day before that Sen. Hancock, who was one of the architects of all of the energy bills, had an opinion piece in The Dallas Morning News pointing out exactly what was done, what problems were fixed, and how the grid is better than it’s ever been,” answered Gov. Abbott.

Abbott also pointed to how the grid held up during the ice storm that brought North Texas to a standstill two weeks ago.

But the future of the grid remains top of mind in Austin. Several Democratic lawmakers put together what was called a people's summit. It was a chance for medical and weather experts, and others to sound off after suffering in the storm.

“This is about keeping the lights on, making sure it never happens again,” said Rep. Gina Hinojosa (D-Austin.)

It's an issue, likely to come up on the campaign trail and again in the next session of the Texas Legislature.

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