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Sid Miller to Seek Another Term as Ag. Commissioner Instead of Challenging Abbott

Gov. Greg Abbott has secured 90% of the vote in the 2014, 2018 Republican primaries

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Putting any speculation aside on whether he will make a run for Governor of Texas, current Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller has announced he will be running for another four-year term at his current position. 

Gov. Greg Abbott (R), meanwhile, will face a primary this election and is already fending off comments from challenger Don Huffines, a former state senator from Dallas.

Huffines said he is taking on Abbott because he said the job of governing Texas isn't getting done.

“It is really simple. I don't need the job. I am doing it because the job is not getting done,” said Huffines, who added that he plans to eliminate property taxes and secure the border.

“This is our border and we are going to do whatever is necessary to secure the Texas border,” added Huffines.

Huffines said he will get a wall built, and slammed Abbott's plan to do so. In a statement released from his office on Tuesday, Huffines said Abbott stole his campaign idea to build a wall and that the governor's plan to do it with contributions is not sufficient.

"The governor claims that he will mostly fund a wall through donations from conservatives who support the effort. Does he really think that will work? It is never going to get done. Abbott is expecting hard-working conservatives in Texas to pay their taxes—including our ever-increasing property taxes—and then donate even more of their money to build the wall," Huffines said in a statement. "Additionally, parts of Abbott’s proposed ‘wall’ will be made of chain-linked fencing. His plan is unacceptable and impractical."

Earlier in the month, Abbott had this to say about primary challenges.

“I haven't even taken a look at it because my work is not yet done. The session may be over, but for me, I still have more than a thousand bills of legislation on my desk that I need to sign or veto," Abbott said. "And so we continue our work until that time period expires on June the 20th, and then we will turn toward politics, “ said Abbott on June 7.

We reached out to Abbott's office about the race on Tuesday but they had no new comments.

Abbott could face yet another Republican challenger in the primary. Outgoing Republican party chair Allen West's name has come up in conversations.

West told NBC 5 on June 8 that, “God will direct my path and Julie you will know pretty soon.”

There have been Republican primaries in the 2014 and 2018 elections. Each time, Abbott has received more than 90% of the vote.

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