Decision 2020

Lawsuits Not Expected to Change Election Results, North Texas Legal Experts Say

President Trump's camp continues to fight, but legal experts say some lawsuits may not hold merit

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President Donald Trump isn't backing down and says the election is far from over after Joe Biden was projected to become the 46th president of the United States on Saturday.

Trump's campaign is expected to file several lawsuits in battleground states, such as Pennsylvania, on Monday to challenge the election process.

"There may be a flurry of lawsuits and they may feel like they might win a couple of them, but overall I just don't believe they have the ability to change the actual election results," said Eric Cedillo, an attorney and clinical professor of law at Southern Methodist University.

Last week the Trump campaign filed several lawsuits, in states like Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada and Michigan, where the race between the president and Biden was tight.

Many of them were thrown out and legal experts, like Cedillo, said future lawsuits may not be able to hold up in court.

"What we've seen historically, recounts don't change or sway much at all, you're talking about the possibility of moving, maybe hundreds of ballots from one party to the other, but he lost by 20,000 votes in Wisconsin. So I don't believe that a recount in any of the states is really going to change anything at all," Cedillo said. “A lot of them (lawsuits) aren’t going to have a tremendous amount of merit, and they're just really not going to affect the overall temperature or the way in which the actual electoral college sways."

Trump's main complaint is that there was widespread voter fraud -- claims that are unfounded.

"He feels as though there may be some fraud in the elections, again we've seen nothing like that in any of the states, nothing tangible that we've seen thus far, but you know we'll wait it out this week and see if there is anything viable," Cedillo said. "But again, I just don't think it's going to move the number of ballots that he thinks is going to have, you know, any kind of effect on the actual results of this election."

Across the country and in Texas, Trump supporters have taken to social media and the streets to press the results.

In Grapevine on Sunday, some supporters of the president held signs and chanted, "Stop the Steal."

“There's one side saying, 'It’s a great conspiracy.' The other side saying, 'It's done with, over, Joe Biden is the president-elect get on with it,'" said Allan Saxe, a retired professor of political science at the University of Texas at Arlington. "And frankly I think that side is going to be the winner because they have the main line media applauding them."

He said the 2020 presidential election makes the 2000 election look like "kids play" and reminded him of the election of Abraham Lincoln.

"I think that the election of 1860 was perhaps the most important comparison to make to what we see today," Saxe said. "There was violence surrounding it, there were possibly revolts, rumors conspiracy theories and we know how it played out."

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