Racists Kept Out of Race by “Jewish Money” Behind McCain, Obama

Hate groups sitting out presidential race, hate both Obama and McCain

It would dumb to suggest that groups like the Ku Klux Klan are only a part of America's past. Yet, in a year when a black man has a very real chance to become president, hate groups have been strangely quite. What's going on?

Bill White, head of the white supremacy group American National Socialist Workers Party, says it's pretty simple.

"Right now, we’re facing the potential of a half-black candidate financed by Jewish money going up against a white candidate financed by Jewish money, who are both advocating the same policy," White told the New York Times. "So you’ve got two terrible choices."

The racists have been paralyzed by indecision.

"Hate groups are in a more or less stunned position right now; they haven’t been able to figure out how to proceed just yet," said Mark Potok, director of intelligence at the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate groups.

Of course, besides the support for Israel that both John McCain and Obama espouse, there are other issues plaguing hate movement.

"There's a real problem in what’s called the 'white movement,'" said White. "One, there's a lot of people who are just mentally ill, and we deal with those a lot. No. 2, there are people who have serious sexual problems."

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