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Jacquin Headen To Be the First Black Woman to Serve on Grand Prairie's City Council

Headen will be sworn in on May 17

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History was made in Grand Prairie on Election Night Saturday, with voters electing Jacquin Headen to be the first Black woman to serve on the Cty Council.

Tuesday was Headen's first visit to Grand Prairie City Hall since winning her election.

Headen said it was during canvassing that she learned she would make history if elected.

“Going into this, I said I have to make sure that people feel confident in what I can do," she said. "So, even though there hadn't been an African-American woman, I didn't know if that would be something people would be leery of."

But during door-to-door canvassing, Headen said neighbors did not see that as a negative.

"They were asking some tough questions, but when we got done regardless of race or anything, I feel like I gained their confidence," Headen said.

Headen said being the first Black woman, and the sixth woman, elected to Grand Prairie City Council is an honor.

The council is one that is changing. For the first time, there will be five people of color.

“I hope that for the community, it’s encouraging to them that as diverse as our city is that that's represented on [the] council. So, I am hoping that that's going to be something that they can feel invigorated by,” Headen added.

Headen said she feels invigorated by this opportunity.

"I bring something unique; not just being the first African-American woman, but you know, I am also a creative professional which makes me a little different. I work in interior design. I paint and I do a lot of different things,” she added.

Because of that, one of her goals is to see the arts and culture community grow in Grand Prairie -- a city that is changing along with its representation

Headen will be sworn in at the City Council meeting on May 17.

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