Decision 2020

In Divided Country, North Texas Brothers Use Political Differences to Forge Healthy Relationship

Hayden and Nathaniel Padgett say their political differences have become part of a healthy relationship

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As Americans approach Election Day, perhaps nothing is more clear than the country’s political divide. In some cases, disputes over the political direction of the country have led to the end of friendships and fractured family ties.

But for two North Texas brothers -- Hayden and Nathaniel Padgett -- political differences have become part of a healthy relationship.

“I think us having different viewpoints makes us stronger because we are able to be challenged,” said Nathaniel, who supports the Democratic Party.

During a Zoom call with NBCDFW, the brothers agreed that their political differences have become a tool that has helped them better understand their own individual beliefs. While they vehemently disagree on issues such as the environment, taxes and the demeanor of their respective presidential candidates, they said it has never damaged their relationship.

“There have been some pretty heated conversations about politics in our family in the past,” said Hayden, who supports the Republican Party. “We made the decision to prioritize the family over politics. I do worry that a lot of families, a lot friends are not making that choice and are instead choosing the partisanship, the anger -- on both sides.”

As Election Day nears, both said they remain committed to a dialogue that never loses sight of their shared bond as both brothers and Americans.

“Even though Hayden and I don’t see eye to eye politically, he is my brother and his heart is in the right place,” Nathaniel said.

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