Immigrant Family Marches to Stay United

In the sea of people who walked through downtown Dallas at Mega March 2010, some are legal immigrants and some are not.

One family from Mexico who spoke to NBC DFW admitted some of them are here illegally. Because of that, the family wanted us to use only their first names.

Veronica has three children. Her husband -- a mechanic -- could not be at the march because he was at work. He's also an illegal immigrant. And so is their oldest son, 10-year-old Enrique. The two younger children were born in North Texas. And they fear getting left here alone, if their parents and older brother get deported.

"People taken away from their families and many people dying in Mexico," Enrique said through tears.

Even 7-year-old Sophia knows why her family came to the U.S. "So we can have a better life here, instead of Mexico because all the drugs," she said.

They say the U.S. is a big country with plenty of room for everyone, so why not give them a quicker path to become legal?

"So when I grow up, I can have a good life and be here without getting put in jail and sending back to my country," Enrique said.

"I can say that I am paying taxes. I have more than six years paying taxes," Veronica said. "We want to get a better life. My kids -- they were born here, they have their life here, they have friends, family here. And we are going to stay here."

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