Dozens Gather in Dallas Demanding All Votes Are Counted

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Across the country, two different demands are being made. One to stop counting votes. The other, to count every single ballot.

In Dallas, in front of city hall, a few dozen gathered to join the national rallying cry for those who feel a fair election is at stake. The event was organized by the Sunrise Movement, a youth-led movement to stop climate change and create jobs.

"People that cast their votes deserve to have their voices honored,” said Dallas resident, Tearyne Almendariz.

President Donald Trump has made unfounded claims about mass voter fraud. Now, with his campaign suing to stop votes in some states, some voters are skeptical.

“I don’t have much confidence,” said rally attendee Cooper Feste. “But I hope that everybody is counted.”

As the hours go on, the demands continue.

“It’s already hard enough to participate in this process for a lot of people,” said Almendariz. “And people who went out and did their civic duty, we need to respect their voices no matter who they are.”

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