Dems Jumping into GOP Race for Governor

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Governor Rick Perry is pro-life, but Perry plans to bring in the popular, pro-choice former Mayor of NYC, Rudy Giuliani to campaign for him.

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison wants to curb government spending, but voted "yes" for the $700 billion dollar government bailout.

Confused yet? If so then sit down, because the room is about to start spinning when you hear this: Democrats are starting to support Republicans in the Texas GOP gubernatorial primary.

Meet Cappy McGarr: a successful Dallas businessman, a University of Texas at Austin alum, an Emeritus Trustee at The Kennedy Center, a deep pocketed, bonafide Democratic financial backer. Oh, and he's backing Republican Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison's campaign for governor.

NBCDFW.COM's Omar Villafranca talked to Mr. McGarr Friday morning, who confirmed his support for Hutchison.

"I am a liberal Democrat," McGarr told Villafranca. "but I'm going to vote for her (Hutchison)." McGarr added.

McGarr said he's a close personal friend of Hutchison and has been for years. But besides the fact he's known Hutchison for decades, it's her dedication to "improving education in Texas" that won his support.

McGarr might be the first of several "behind the scenes" Dems coming out to support Hutchison, and many campaign insiders think she'll need support from Democrats to win the 2010 primary.

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