Democrats Cry Foul Over Suspicious E-Mail

An e-mail circulating around Texas falsely warns that casting a straight-ticket Democratic ballot won't register for presidential candidate Barack Obama.

State party officials encourage straight-party voting as a way to ensure Obama -- and other Democrats on the ballot -- get a vote.
The source of the e-mail is sought, with some Democratic leaders blamed Republicans. A spokesman for the Texas GOP did not immediately comment.

"For those who normally vote 'Straight Democratic', please pay close attention!!!!!," says the bogus e-mail, a copy of which was obtained Wednesday by the Associated Press. "I was informed this weekend by a group of Obama volunteers that when voting for the presidential candidate this November, you have to make sure you punch Barack's name first, then proceed to punch 'Straight Democratic' or else the vote for the president won't count."

Democratic officials say with eSlate, punching the button for presidential candidate Obama after punching the straight-ticket button -- will actually cancel the straight-ticket vote.

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